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Bri'onte Dunn, disoderly conduct

Bri’onte Dunn, the freshman running back for Ohio State, recently avoided drug charges when marijuana and drug paraphernalia items were found in his vehicle during a traffic stop. According to the police report Dunn almost ran a flashing red light in full view of the police, then proceeded to drive through a crosswalk. In the process Bri’onte almost struck a police car during the incident, which occurred in Alliance, Ohio. Dunn was not alone and had a passenger in the car. When police searched the vehicle they found a wooden marijuana pipe as well as the drug itself. The marijuana was located in three areas of the car, on the floorboards, on the seat, and in the pocket on the door. At the tender age of 19 years old this could have been a big problem. Police issued 2 traffic citations and a misdemeanor disorderly conduct citation but did not arrest Dunn or his passenger.


The vehicle that Bri’onte was driving belongs to his mother, and Dunn denied being aware of the marijuana or the drug paraphernalia. There has been no word from Ohio State on this event yet. The disorderly conduct citation that Dunn received was because he went through the traffic light and almost caused a collision with another vehicle. With his entire future at stake and a very promising football career ahead of him Bri’onte Dunn should examine his actions and his friends a little more carefully. Whether the marijuana belonged to the passenger, whether it was Dunn’s, or if it was previously in the vehicle before Dunn started driving is unknown. If Bri’onte does have a problem with the wacky weed now would be the right time to seek substance abuse treatments.