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Addiction Help

help for drug, alcohol, prescription, or process addictions. Determine and identify addictionsAddiction Help for Drug, Alcohol, Prescriptions, or Process Addictions.

We have gathered together these resources t0 help you determine if you require addiction help for drug, alcohol, prescription, or process addictions (typically behavioral addictions that do not require a substance). Valiant Recovery is a treatment center that focuses on providing therapy for drug, alcohol and process addictions in a safe supportive atmosphere.

Deciding On The Treatment Needed

Below are some ways to help you identify and assess different types of addictions as well as associated disorders addressed at Valiant Recovery.  While going through these sections keep in mind the severity of the addiction. Tolerance levels are going to be an indicator of severity and dangers which should give you an idea of how urgent things are.

“Obvious” Isn’t Always Simple

Some of the questions in the sections below may seem obvious, but to an addict, they can seem overwhelmingly complex.  For example, a person can have a substance abuse problem as well as a process addiction.  In the same way, addictions of all kinds can occur with other mental health problems.  Some mental disorders can be caused by an addiction, while others may have come about as a result of a mental disorder.

If you decide that you or someone you know has an addiction problem and requires treatment, don’t wait to call 1.877.958.8247  for more information or to ask further questions about the individualized treatment programs offered at Valiant Recovery.

AM I ADDICTED?                

Our Questionnaire will help you look at yourself or a loved one honestly as to if there is truly an addiction present.


There are typical warning signs of addictions, we have listed them for you.


Addictions come in many shapes and forms.  These are some of the common addictions that we help treat.


Which Mental Health Issues are commonly involved in Addictions?