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Spirituality is a key part of Recovery – VALIANT RECOVERY

spiritual, therapy, treatment, faith, addictionSpiritual Therapy

At Valiant Recovery we believe in treating the body, soul and spirit of each individual. With people who are struggling with Addiction we understand that our hurts and injuries can be of a spiritual nature. And if the spiritual wounds are not addresses addiction will return eventually. Our spiritual beliefs are Christian, therefore we offer a variety of biblical based programs.

Although it is highly important to receive spiritual counseling, we understand that there are many different personal perspectives on this topic. At Valiant Recovery we recognize that everyone has a free will. Every individual has the right to decide for themselves what they believe and in no way should be pressured to form their spiritual beliefs. Therefore all our spiritual counseling is optional and will be provided at the request of each client. During the intake interview, our clients are asked if they are open to spiritual direction.

We do offer a wide variety of optional therapy sessions to meet the individual needs of our clients.

Some of our these include:

Sozo Healing sessions Soaking


Battle zone for men

Battlefield of the mind

Here is a Testimony from a past client who has been

free from addiction for over 4 years now.

Christian Client Testimony