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Addiction help for a loved one

We understand what you are going through. We have helped many families in the past.

Addiction help for a loved one substance abuse detox familyAddictions have a devastating effect on relationships.  They can hurt spouses, relatives, friends and business associates.  Addictions can create financial distress, toxic environments, a lack of honest communication and avoidance of dealing with daily life problems.  Watching an addict as they slowly break down and start to fail to cope with life is one thing, but being involved with one and feeling stuck in their cycle of desperation is another.

It  can feel as if there is almost nothing that we can do.  You may have tried to tell the person how you feel about their addictions and you probably are left feeling saddened and unheard.  Worse yet, they may have become very defensive and ended up angry and bitter towards you.  This of course probably made you feel either more frustrated or even frightened and anxious to even bring up the matter again.

You may have tried to hide their substances or keep track of every dollar spent in the household to prevent them from getting their fix.  This typically results in a power struggle and the addict tends to either act like a victim of circumstance or they defend themselves angrily.  Either way, the environment becomes one of hostility and you will undoubtedly feel even divided and defensive.   The lies and self deception of the addict that you care about always takes its toll as you watch their lives unravel and chaos seems to become the norm.

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“You may feel as if their excuses no matter how rational such as trauma, depression, mental illness, work stress doesn’t matter anymore because the way they are coping with it is even worse.”

Typically, the last stage of a loved one  involved with an addict is to pull away from the relationship to protect themselves.  You may have even threatened to end the relationship or stop contact with them because you feel you deserve better then they are giving you.

We understand how you are feeling and we are proud that you haven’t given up yet.  Just by reading this information and researching addiction treatment you are taking a stand and looking for solutions to the problem. You don’t truly do not have to to do everything on your own.  We urge for you to reach out to us and read over the information below so you would consider us to help your loved one.

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Our mandate is simple; We offer a higher quality of care to our clients by having a higher staff ratio of caring professionals, we don’t believe in a “one size fits all” approach at Valiant Recovery. And by providing an elegant surrounding while going through an intensive recovery process your loved one will be at ease.

We understand Addictions are scary for all of those involved.  Even for the addict who wants to end their pattern of addiction, it can be a painful process and they may even look for an exit part way through treatment. This is why the best option for treatment is to be somewhere comfortable, where they feel relaxed and at home.  We will be there to help them in the process of recovery, and to encourage them to press on and overcome addiction.  You can trust us to provide the best environment we can to increase the likelihood of success.

“Your loved one will get individualized counseling and therapy that is specifically focused on their needs.”

Medically Supervised Detox, Individual Counselling, programs with 8, 16, or 32 hours of 1on1 counselling Relapse Prevention in 1on1 sessions min of 16 hours, Dual Diagnosis Treatment Approach, 12-Step program, Holistic Therapy Faith Based Treatment, Family Therapy After Care Couselling

We aim to treat the reason for the addiction and to prepare your loved one to return home.  It is our aim and hope that your home lives are less stressful.   We want to replace the despair and chaos, isolation and defensiveness that are creating a horrible relationship with one that is based on hope.  To help your situation and build a better tomorrow for both your loved one and yourself we offer many services.

With Treatment Services like:

Below are the typical phases of recovery that we help our clients go through.  In each phase, we take great care and consideration to make sure that our clients are getting the support that they need to dramatically increase the chances of living a sober life free from substance abuse and addiction.


Intervening on a person with an addiction can be stressful, scary, and hard on all who are involved. For this reason, we offer Intervention Assistance.


Detox can reduce the risk of dangerous complications while minimizing withdrawal symptoms. We help by offering caring and supportive 24 hr staff.


Addictions are outward responses to internal wounds. Although the outside actions(addiction) need to be treated, we focus on  what cannot be seen, the “initial (internal) wound.”


Our Sober living house offers a positive living environment and the peer support that is crucial to preventing relapse.

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