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alcohol addiction, alcoholism signs, treatment centerAlcohol Addiction

It is often difficult to determine the difference between “Social Drinking” and “Alcohol Addiction.” Some indications that you might need alcohol abuse rehab include the time of day that drinking begins, the frequency of drinks and the amount consumed. These and other factors about the way you use alcohol can all be warning signs. When you start looking for alcoholism signs in others or even yourself, it is important to be brutally honest about the behaviors. At Valiant Recovery, we offer assistance with a number of substance abuse issues, including drug and alcohol help. Our individualized care plans mean that we personalize our alcohol rehab program for each of our clients, making sure to keep it balanced with experiential therapies. We are not your typical alcohol abuse treatment center as we strive for more than just the elimination of alcohol but rather balancing the outside life so the addiction can be corrected, not just the symptom which results in alcoholism signs.

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How Alcohol Addiction Works

alcohol addiction, alcoholism signs, treatment centerAlcohol Addiction does not happen overnight, for most people it happens over years of subtly increasing use of alcohol. Often, it happens so slowly that you have no idea you are becoming addicted. It is important to watch for the alcoholism signs early on in your own life and in the lives of those you care about. Alcohol is absorbed by the blood and enters the brain, attaching itself to the receptors in the brain and slowing down the central nervous system. Extended alcohol abuse damages these receptors, making it difficult for the mind and body to function normally and properly. Greater receptor damage leads to a greater dependency on alcohol. Unfortunately, the body is meanwhile developing a tolerance to drinking. Now, the person has to consume more to obtain the same effect. This leads to stronger drinks or combining drugs with alcohol. The practice of combining drugs (prescription or recreational) with alcohol is very dangerous. It can result in overdosing or death.

The most destructive and devastating part of Alcohol Addiction is the physical dependency on alcohol. The process of withdrawal is of primary concern in alcohol treatment programs. Withdrawal for someone who is alcohol dependent can be accompanied by seizures and even death. Medically supervised detoxification is the recommended approach to dependency and withdrawing. This can only be done at a qualified alcohol abuse treatment center. There are medications that can be used to help reduce the effects and symptoms that a person may experience. After the ‘detox’ process the alcohol dependent individual should be enrolled in an alcohol rehab program, like the one here at Valiant Recovery. It is crucial to keep an eye on the alcoholism signs in order to notice if there has been any regression in their treatment plan.

There are a vast number of issues and aspects to the Alcohol abuse treatment process.

Alcoholics Anonymous (‘AA’) is an example of a well-known program which comes to mind for most people. A key aspect of such alcohol rehab programs is the “12 step program” originally introduced by AA. At Valiant Recovery we also incorporate the “12 step program,” along with other effective methods.

Unlike most alcohol rehabilitation centers, we take a personalized approach to all of our treatments. We design a customized plan of care around each individual. Every person has their different and individual needs for a successful treatment process. We are committed to providing for each of these needs and addictions. At Valiant Recovery we emphasize one-on-one counseling in our alcohol addiction recovery program to deal with personal issues and allow for diagnosis of any concurrent disorders. We are trained to recognize any and all alcoholism signs. If any additional disorders are discovered they are incorporated into the individual program for that person.

At Valiant Recovery our clients’ care and recovery is our priority. We know that when you can sense genuine concern from caregivers, your treatment time will be more positive and productive.

At Valiant Recovery our alcohol rehab programs consist of a balance of different therapy models. These include experiential therapy which is the use of daily activities such as nature walks, skiing, golfing or bike riding. These activities are enjoyable and provide positive and healthy experiences of a life worth living. There is more to the process at our alcohol abuse treatment center than just talking or the absence of alcohol.

Valiant Recovery understands that it takes a serious commitment and several months before the addiction to alcohol is completely gone. We will provide continuing care and relapse prevention plans to help our clients live a free and sober life. Our post-care alcohol abuse rehab counselors will help you find post treatment support in your home town.

Signs Alcohol Treatment Is Needed

There are many signs which may indicate that you or a loved one needs alcohol abuse treatment. Many individuals with an alcohol problem use the excuse of social drinking, but if you are drinking alone or drinking on a daily basis then it may be time to seek help. Watch for varying degrees of alcoholism signs in yourself and your loved ones. It may not be clear in the beginning but that is the best time for your loved one or yourself to go to an alcohol abuse treatment center to achieve the most positive results.

Facts And Statistics About Alcohol Treatment

Our staff at Valiant Recovery want you to understand that you do not have to be alone in this ordeal and we are here to help you or a loved one you care for get the treatment that is needed.  Our wish is to help our clients recover from their addictions and damaging behaviors with the understanding that recovery was a crucial step to living a much happier life.

If you need help, please call us 1.877.958.8247

These are some of the main benefits that our clients get from our program:

Actions are what truly change our lives and we urge you to take action. Our intensive inpatient treatment program gets our clients away from their stress triggers and normal addictive routines so they can change their lives. Choosing our Luxury Residential Treatment Center should be viewed as a choice to love yourself or your loved one so much that you are consciously and willfully heading in a new direction. The results from our program speak for themselves.

  • We offer the highest number of individualized counselling sessions in Canadawhich allows for major breakthroughs. Our counselors are top notch and they are specialized in trauma and addictions.
  • Living at an elegant residence where they feel loved and looked after helps to change their outlook on life. Most clients truly enjoy the group sessions in the great room with its marble fireplace.
  • Daily regular exercise and sleep helps the body repair itself and many clients have lost weight and become fit while under our supervision. We have a gym in the residence.
  • Our clients have access to specialized therapeutic recovery videos on our 150 inch screen with 9.1 Dolby surround sound.
  • Staff prepared tasty nutritious meals which allows our clients to focus on their recovery.
  • The Genesis Process Programs is a relapse prevention program that identifies your patterns of relapse. And helps to replace false belief systems and core traumas. These are led by trained Genesis Process Counselors.
  • Group Sessions are led by a compassionate staff using proven evidence based psycho-educational courses.