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Things to bring with you to Valiant Recovery for addiction treatment

1 The most important thing to bring is a positive attitude, with a strong will and desire to recover.

2 Pack casual clothing.  You’ll only need about a week’s worth as there are washing machines and dryers on the premises. Bring a pair of soft new indoor shoes, the marble floors are hard. In the winter our weather is mild averaging 33 Degrees F. Our summers are commonly 85 F and can even go up to 100+.

3 Work out clothing and sneakers; these are a must.  Everyone must wear sneakers in the gym.

4 Bathing suits and beach towel.  Beach and pool are frequent activities in our program. You may also enjoy the hot tub onsite year round.   A minimum of two bathing suits are recommended. No speedo’s for men; one piece or tankini style for women; no thongs or bikinis.

5 If you’re visiting us during our winter ski season, we head to the slopes once a month. Please bring some warm clothing (ie. jacket, ski pants, gloves, toques, ski goggles). If you do not have these items, please notify us and we’ll have some provided in your size.

6 Personal Hygiene items.  Bring whatever cosmetics you like with the following exceptions:  No products with alcohol.  No products in spray cans.

7 Medications (both prescription and non-prescription) need to be placed in a separate zip lock bag.  These medications must be in their original bottle and must contain the name of the prescribing physician, dosage instructions etc

8 Stationery, stamps and writing supplies.

10 Personal items that you feel will make you more comfortable.  This includes pictures, favorite pillow, etc.

Please do not bring the following items to addiction treatment

No Word Showing Denials Panic And Negativity

X Laptops, computers or any device that connects to the internet. (We have computers onsite). Special provision may be made for individual needing to work while in treatment.

X Alcohol or drugs

X Provocative clothing

X Cell phones are to be turned in when you enter treatment.  They will be returned upon discharge.

X Items of great value, or items that cannot be replaced.