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Alumni Aftercare and Follow Up – VALIANT RECOVERY

Aftercare and Follow Up

At Valiant Recovery your treatment continues even after you have left our facility and gone home. While in program we will show you how to locate support groups in your home area, and help you build your aftercare program.  Clients may continue to contact us through email and phone, as we have a dedicated member of our team standing by to help you through your recovery process. We include 5 hours (10*Executive program) of phone or video counselling for every 30 days you stay with us at no additional charge to you. Additional phone or video Conferencing is available to be purchased..

 Alcohol Breathalyzer Monitoring

At Valiant Recovery we have some really good options for clients who have been struggling with problem drinking. Our SoberLink personal breathalyzers help to provide accountability, giving individuals the support the need to walk down the road of recovery one day at a time. Breathalyzer Monitoring