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Depression Facts – Mental Health Treatment

Depression Facts


2/9/2017Depression is a serious mental illness, one that often requires treatment and can be devastating. Depression can range from mild to very severe, and this disorder can have an affect on every area of life. Some people may suffer from being depressed for a short time because of a setback or the loss of a loved one, but for others this condition occurs regularly. If the condition becomes bad then the individual can feel unable to cope with daily life, contemplate thoughts of harming themselves, and generally give up on wanting to live life. When depression is combined with substance abuse such as alcohol or street drugs then this problem will worsen, and hospitalization is usually required.


If you suffer from both depression and addiction then you will receive a dual diagnosis, and it is essential that both conditions are treated at the same time. Depression affects more than nineteen million individuals in the USA, and when substance abuse is added in then every area of your life can be impacted. When a depressed individual uses alcohol or drugs then their emotional stability is affected, and the physical ability to get through daily activities is even more impaired. Depression also affects friends and family members of anyone who suffers from this mental health disorder.


major depression symptoms can include a lack of interest in things normally enjoyed, and a feeling of low or no energy through the day. Suicidal thoughts are also a common sign of this disorder, and an intense feeling of sadness or loss is also normally present. A weight change is also common with depression, and individuals who are depressed may feel hopeless, helpless, or worthless. Sometimes this symptoms are caused by depression, and at other times they are a sign of another type of mental health disorder, such as bipolar disorder or one of the anxiety disorders.


Patients with a dual diagnosis of depression and substance abuse problems face unique challenges, because substance abuse can cause this disorder, but having a mental health disorder can also be the reason why the substance abuse was started in the first place. Mental illness and substance abuse both have an effect on the same area of the brain, and many who suffer from depression will self medicate with alcohol or drugs. This requires specialized treatment that will examine all of the issues involved, and then treat these problems at the same time.


Depression may make it hard to concentrate and focus, and this disorder also takes the joy out of life and the activities that you normally engage in. Research shows that more than half of all substance abuse treatment is provided to individuals who also suffer from depression, and these individuals need a dual diagnosis program. This type of program will treat the mental health disorder and the addiction both, and provide medication management and oversight as well. Many treatment facilities do not have the ability to treat patients who have been dually diagnosed, and an extensive evaluation is required to make this diagnosis.


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