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Valiant Recovery Testimonials

Valiant Recovery has a history of success and we are overjoyed to be able to feature these client reviews with you.  Each client had their own individual reasons for seeking out treatment.

Generally, for residential treatment, participation for less than 90 days is of limited effectiveness and also why we designed our program around a 90 day schedule. This complete program is recommended for those seeking a positive outcome. That being said, our treatment center has a history of success and many of our clients have benefited from 30 to 120 days in our program. This is the reason why Valiant Recovery offers 30, 60, 90 and 120 day programs

 S.B. – Chilliwack, BC

“I walked into the doors of Valiant Recovery a broken person. I was met with love, caring, and positivity. The counsellor is truly amazing and the support staff are loving and truly do care. At Valiant, you are treated with respect, love, and accountability. The staff truly do CARE and will go above and beyond to meet your needs. Through them, I learned who I truly am – lovable and worthy. This is an A+ facility whose only goal is to help you. I can’t say enough about how much Valiant has given me and I am truly grateful. Thank you.”

David from Ontario

Valiant Recovery is the fifth time I have attended alcohol rehabilitation and I believe it will be my last.

During my stay at Valiant I was not treated as a “diseased”, hopeless “alcoholic”, but rather a person with compulsive behaviors formulated by false beliefs and fears. Valiant provided me with self-knowledge and spiritual principles that have empowered me and removed my desire to use alcohol to escape my problems.

I now realize that I have the strength to tackle any situation I encounter with confidence and wisdom.

In my experience, there is no other rehab that blends practical and spiritual principles so effectively. I look forward to my future with great enthusiasm. Thank you Valiant Recovery for saving my life!

C. Evenson – Alberta Canada

” Treatment is one small part of life, where most who experience it will try to put it out of their thoughts and memories after it is complete. I on the other hand will never forget my time here for as long as I live. Most are ashamed of their time at centers for the treatment of drug and alcohol, and unfortunately, a lot of people relapse after the fact. Those people, however, lacked the basic fundamentals that seem to be scarce in many facilities but are essential to full recovery and a long and prosperous life. Those basics, above and beyond the actual standard program itself include; true care and compassion for clients, the feeling of flowing love 24 hours per day, targeting every single issue that may haunt you and doing so confidently and completely unashamed. Also present is one of the most essential aspects to recovery in my opinion- that being the ability to see your true life purpose as well as developing a greater vision for your future. Top all of that off with a thorough physical wellness program as well as activities to keep you entertained all day long and it’s an unbeatable combination. On a final note I think it is important that I add this…most people see recovery as a time to go get cleaned up, figure out what went wrong, get away from the stress for a while and go back into society. Here it is much more than that. You come in with a Bachelor Degree in self-sabotage and you leave with a Doctorate in personal recovery, patience, tolerance, wisdom, discernment, and the vision to spread all the newly discovered kindness in your heart as much as humanly possible. Thank you for everything, I’ll remember it always.”

Jill – Sask Canada

” I Came here Broken and I left Whole.

I wanted my Life back and Valiant Recovery gave me that and so much more.

Where there was once only darkness I now see a shinning ray of Light. “

B.M. Vancouver British Columbia

” The feeling of being loved and respected is something I haven’t received in a long time and forgot how it felt until now. You changed my whole outlook on life and it’s now worth living. I’m now very optimistic of the future and your words of encouragement, support and life experiences really do hit home and means the world to me. Thank You.”

B. P. – British Columbia

” I got much more out of this Recovery Program than I thought I would. I learned how my addiction works, in ways I understand. I learned how important my childhood was in shaping my beliefs. Many of those beliefs had a major impact on my drugging and drinking.

I am leaving Valiant Recovery a more independent person. I have lost my urge to be dependent on others for anything; from happiness to finances. I have realized that others play a very important role in my life, in that they can add to an already happy and fulfilled life but they cannot be the source of that happiness.

I learned what fears I had, even ones I never knew I had. They were directing my choices, behavior, and attitudes. Now that I am no longer in bondage to these fears I feel Free.

I know that Valiant Recovery was the perfect place for me at the perfect time, I am forever grateful. “

Craig – Ontario

I came into Valiant with a major alcohol dependency. From the moment I was greeted at the airport I was treated with complete professionalism.
Royce the program director and co-owner was there waiting for us at the gate to escort us to the recovery centre.
When we got there the house was breath taking.
Over the first week I was detoxed and treated with excellent service as well as took care of as I was one of their own children.
Once I was finished my detox progress which was seven days I was put into my program.
I have done 12 Step treatment before but with the Genesis program that was implemented by Royce and Leanne it was next to nothing I have ever learned.
David the counsellor did more then explain the process through out the Genesis book as well as give me the skills to leave treatment. One of my major problem areas was self awareness and help went beyond expectations to teach me exactly what I needed to know.
I would like to thank Royce, Leanne, David as well as all the support staff for all of their help, support and teaching me the things that were missing in my life.

Best Wishes and good luck to all who get the honor of being with the staff at Valiant.

Lory – Ontario

I believe my prayers were answered when I made the perfect selection for my recovery. This is my second rehab attempt in one year; I desperately needed to get better, get my life back together and find myself, not just because I deserve to be happy but also for my beautiful kids, and loved ones.

My experience at Valiant Recovery was priceless. I was provided with the proper tools, one on one personalized counseling, and most importantly, love. I was able to Finally realize there was light at the end of the tunnel. I had hope.

Everyone at Valiant Recovery made an effort to make me feel at home. The meals were fantastic, weekend outings, the accommodations resembled those of a 5 star hotel. The Valiant staff would go above and beyond their duties to ensure all of my needs were met.

I went to Valiant Recovery feeling hopeless, empty, angry, guilty. I was hurting deeply. Today I feel full of hope/gratitude, filled with love, free of resentments and guilt. I’m grateful and happy.

“Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity. It turns problems into gifts, failures into success, the unexpected into perfect timing, and mistakes into important events. Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today and creates a vision for tomorrow.” – Melody Beattie

Thank you Royce, David, Judy, Rob and the entire staff for what you have done for me.

I never thought I’d cry leaving rehab, but I did… I left a new family behind. I love you all and God bless you.

Madalyn-Vancouver, BC

I never thought I would hear myself thanking God for my addiction, it sounds paradox. I do believe that our Lord can take even our darkest days and mold us into someone greater than we ever imagined.
“The Spirit helps us in our weaknesses […] and he who searches hearts knows what is the mind of the spirit, because the spirit intercedes for the Saints according to the will of God. And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good. (Romans 8). When I came to The Crossing Point I was emotionally and spiritually desolate; my salt had lost his saltiness. I little girl lost in her ways, running away. God stopped me on that dark road and invited me to take his hand – to begin a new journey together. During my stay I picked up numerous tools that will help me as I stepped out the door and truly begin a new life, re-joining Society. Learning to trust has been a big step for me and I would like to thank the staff here for being inviting and for seeing potential in me that I didn’t see; for persevering and pushing me to grow and seek God‘s guidance. As my Heavenly Father restores my heart and redeems my soul, I find that old passions and deep desires are resurfacing. I have learned that to be vulnerable, open, and honest is to come to a place of healing and revival. Looking back on my journey through addiction, I can see that God was with me the whole way. Not once did he leave me or forsake me. I had an aching soul, perfectionism driven body, and a striving spirit. I struggled with self perception and acceptance. I have spent years building up a protective wall around myself. One night I asked God to show me how he sees me. As I closed my eyes a Picture of myself came into focus, at first I didn’t recognize the woman before me. There was something even the most descriptive or words could fail to explain, that’s the power of God. He called my soul lovely, I was content and my inner being was at rest. God has been drawing my spirit into a deeper connection and intimate relationship with him. I thank all of the staff here for their prayers and diligence. You have facilitated my healing and restoration. We serve a powerful and mighty God! I thank him for my brokenness because through all the cracks and shattered parts of my life, his light may shine. I am valued, I am cherished, I am unique, I am captivating; all this because I am Madalyn, God’s beloved daughter