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Relapse Prevention for substance abuse

When it comes to offering recovery from alcohol abuse, drug abuse, sex addiction and mental health issues, relapse prevention should be considered.

exhaustion, dishonesty, impatience, argumentative, depression

What are the symptoms that you may be subconsciously preparing yourself for a relapse?


The time to prevent a relapse is long before irrational thinking has reached the final insanity of taking the first drink or drug. The following symptoms can lead to a “dry drunk” or possible relapse. At the very least, these symptoms will lead to “stinking thinking” which opens the door to relapse.


Don’t allow yourself to become overly tired or in poor health. Some addicts are also prone to work addictions (perhaps trying to make up for lost time). Good health and rest are important. If you feel well, you are more apt to think well. When you feel poorly, your thinking is apt to deteriorate. When you feel badly enough, you may begin to believe that a drink or a drug couldn’t make things any worse.


This might begin with a pattern of unnecessary lies and deceit with fellow workers, friends and family. Then, you begin to lie to yourself. This can lead to rationalizing, making excuses for not doing what you need to do, and in turn, affects your self-worth.


You may feel things are not happening fast enough, or others are not doing what you want them to do. As addicts, we want everything yesterday; delayed gratification and impulse control are not our strongest areas!


Arguing small and ridiculous points of view indicates a need to always be right. It also may be a way to find an excuse to drink/use.


Unaccountable despair may occur in cycles and should be talked about. As your body and mind re-adjust to being clean and sober, you will go through many emotional ups and downs.

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