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Dana Deane,  MA, Addictions Counselor 
Clinical Director

Dana has been counseling for close to 30 years, working in both inpatient and outpatient addiction treatment centers and private practice.

She is a Canadian Certified Addictions Counselor with CACCF, a professional member with CCPA”, and a Level 3 Addictions Counselor with AHS, holding a Masters in Psychology. She has continued to upgrade her Education yearly holding numerous certificates.

Previously Dana has held positions as clinician with

Irina Gaudet, MA 

As a Psychologist in Russia since 2005, Irina worked for both the Technical College and Services and the Mental health center of Psychology. After Coming to Canada in 2018, Irina continued to provide private counseling via video conferencing, back oversees and had her degree converted to a Canadian Masters Degree.

Irina holds a Masters degree in Specialty Psychology Management Degree in Specialty Psychology Management Degree in Entrepreneurship.

Christy Brown, RPS, EMDR

Christy is one of our long term employees, joining Valiant in 2012, she has fulfilled many different roles with us. Christy is a EMDR specialist (trauma Therapy), and Relapse Prevention Counselor, she also specializes in Sexual abuse, Marriage and relationships, grief and loss, forgiveness, boundaries and co-dependency. She has spent over 20 years of her life counseling others from teens to hospice.

Christy has a  passion for people, helping them with challenges and getting to the core reasons,  the WHY behind their addictions, and compulsions.  Helping individuals suffering in there marriages and relationships, is one of her favorite areas, she has extensive experience and training in this area as well.

“I enjoy spending time with the clients and getting to know them on a real level and relate to them as a person.  I like to laugh, have fun and have a good sense of humor, because although things might be tough and hard work, it is important to laugh and see the light side as well as dig deep and get things dealt with.”  Christy

Kari Dittman, RPS
Facility Manager

Kari joined Valiant Recovery in 2017 as a facilitator and grew into the role of management. Prior to Valiant, Kari oversaw the daily operations for a women’s addiction facility in Alberta for 5 years. prior to that she worked for 17 years as a Church admin.

Kari loves her job and loves overseeing the center to assure that all the daily needs are being met. Kari is a relapse prevention specialist and facilitates a large variety of group sessions. When not teaching groups you may find her in the kitchen preparing delicious meals, or organizing the center to make everyones stay pleasant.

Curtis Mctavish, ACSW

Curtis joined us in 2012 for his practicum placement, and we’re grateful he never left. He completed his Social Work/Addictions Diploma from Vancouver Island University, and is a Non Violent Crisis Intervention Instructor.

A little bit about you: I have worked in the field for close to 10 years now and I cant imagine doing any other type of work. I too struggled with addiction for many years and it was the Staff and people at facilities like Valiant that made my recovery not only possible but successful. I know first hand on what it feels like to be broken and hopeless but I also know what it feels like to be healed and to live a life of gratitude that includes supporting others on their journey.
Why do you help with people in Recovery? I love to give back what was given to me in my own recovery. I am always excited to see the potential and then the results of our Clients as they go through the process of their journey. The Aha moments they experience are such a blessing to be part of. I believe recovery is a journey that never has to be taken alone. We all need guidance and support to have our spiritual, mental, emotional and physical needs met.It is my purpose and my path to help anyone who is ready to make this journey”.
A message to those in Recovery that may choose our services? To anyone that is suffering I encourage you to make the decision to come to Valiant and trust that you will find the support, education, healing and compassion here that you have been seeking. I have personally witnessed hundreds of people come through our doors so broken and hopeless but only to leave enlightened and well on their journey to a higher quality of life and healing.

Dr. John Peters, MA
Counselor, Facilitator

Education: Master of Theology/Major in Counseling –Doctor of Theology – Christian Certified Chaplin – Certified Psychologist – Sex Addiction Specialist.
A little bit about you: My Hobbies include art, music, and photography. I am a self-published author with several fiction and non-fiction books on Amazon including The Sojourner’s Guide to Knowing Jesus, A world in Transition, The Raven, and Vale Thomas (Out of the Shadows)
Why do you like working for Valiant Recovery? I like working for Valiant Recovery because of its Foundation, the love, confidence, and atmosphere. I most enjoy seeing the clients grow and succeed in and through their efforts to work their programs.
Why do you help with people in Recovery? I have lived my whole life around broken and troubled people and families, have seen and suffered many forms of abuse. I have been broken and derelict, and have been fully restored through the love of God and the finished work of the Cross. My life’s work has been to help and heal those who are bound and bruised where ever possible. Luke 4:18

Pam Hooper

Pam joined our team in 2019 as a valuable member with years of personal recovery experience.

A little bit about me: Instead of “wowing” you with many impressive achievements, I’m going to make a confession. It took me longer than most, to figure out where I wanted my life to go and how to get there. As a result, I found myself heading towards destinations that I knew I didn’t want to reach! Adversity, mistakes and consequences of poor choices are not the highlights of anyone’s life…but I believe we have a choice in how those events will affect us. Through those experiences, I recognized some of my greatest strengths, skills and qualities which in turn, pointed me in the direction I’d been searching for all along. Hi. My name is Pam and I’m an…impassioned facilitator at Valiant Recovery!
Why do you help with people in recovery? For every addict that succeeds in navigating their way through the challenges and responsibilities of long term recovery, the benefits ripple outward, touching families, friends, communities. Helping someone start their difficult journey with a solid foundation that will support their recovery, is for me, like opening a door of opportunity where the miraculous can and does happen.
What do you like teaching most in course work? My favorite courses are those that speak to the heart of a client. Each section (though equally valuable and able to create positive change when practiced) will be accepted by different people at different times. When I’m teaching a course to people who are eager to learn all they can on the subject, it becomes my favorite…for that day!
Why do you like working at Valiant Recovery? Being part of this amazing, compassionate, dedicated team, makes the most challenging work day a pleasure because I know what we do at Valiant is making a difference in people’s lives.

Colette Isbister

Colette Joined the Valiant team in January of 2019, and brings years of insight to her position. Colette is skilled when it comes to facilitating groups, in particular she is a master at the 12 steps. We often receive positive feedback that the “way” she leads 12 step had made those skeptical of 12 step actually enjoy the process, It all depends on how it’s taught, and Colette leads it well.

Royce Dockrill, Interventionist, RPS
CEO, Marketing Manager

LeeAnn Dockrill, Interventionist, RPS
COO, Admissions Coordinator

In 2009, Royce together with his wife LeeAnn opened Valiant Recovery, with a vision to fill the gap in quality addiction treatment. Having a strong desire to continue to see lives set free from addiction, the Dockrill’s continued to invest the company gains and opened new centers. Today, the Valiant group includes: Valiant Recovery in Kelowna BC, The Crossing Point in Kelowna Bc, Valiant Behavioral Health in Ottawa, and Valiant Recovery in Punta Gorda Florida.

Royce and LeeAnn form a strong team, having owned and operated their own businesses for the past 25 years. They have taken on many challenges in life, and overcome them with confidence and faith. Royce and LeeAnn oversee all the daily aspects of all the Valiant Recovery centers, and handle the majority of the admissions calls, for the Canadian centers.

These days spare time has become very sparse, however they still find time to take joy in volunteering. LeeAnn has led different areas and events through children’s and ladies ministries in their local church, from kids camps, to banquets. She has been part of prayer and prophetic ministries. Royce donates his spare time and resources, helping out in the audio department at their local church, and other churches abroad.

God created everyone with a purpose. Our desire is that you would fulfill your God given purpose in life, living your life to its fullest. Life is not just about you, but also about what you can do for others!!!