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opiate substance abuse, prescription opiate addiction

1. Distressed Respiration- Opiate medications will depress the respiratory system, and this can lead to slow and shallow breathing. When too much of the drug is used then the individual may stop breathing at all.

2. A Sense Of Euphoria- Opiates will cause a sense of euphoria, and the user may feel that everything is great regardless of the actual reality.

3. Pupils That Don’t Dilate- Using prescription opiates will cause the pupils to become very small, and they will not dilate properly.

4. Slurring Of Speech- Prescription drug abuse can cause the user to slur their speech or even have difficulty locating the right words for the situation.

5. Confused Thinking, Lack of Good Judgment- All types of substance abuse can cause confused thinking and poor judgment, and this is especially true with pain medications that are derived from the opium poppy.

6. Doctor Shopping- Since opiate medications are only available with a prescription from a doctor many abusers will shop for doctors that are willing to prescribe these drugs.

7. Withdrawal Symptoms- Agitation, physical aches and pains, irritability, and many other withdrawal symptoms may appear within hours of the opiate drug abuse being stopped.

8. Financial Difficulties- Substance abuse is expensive to maintain, and since prescription opiates require an office visit the cost can be even higher. Financial difficulties may be the first sign that something is going on with the individual.

9. Legal Complications- Buying, selling, or using prescription medications without a valid prescription is a serious criminal offense. If legal complications occur due to opiate abuse this is a sign that help is needed.

10. Stealing Opiates From Others- When drug addiction becomes severe the individual may resort to stealing pain pills from others, especially if local doctors and clinics have noticed a problem or noted the patient file.