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prevent cravings, substance abuse recovery support

If you are trying to recover from substance abuse then cravings and relapse are both possible obstacles that you will face. There are some tips and helpful hints that can help you deal with any cravings that you experience and help you avoid giving in and relapsing. These include:




  • Change your social circles. Avoid the friends and individuals that you use to do drugs or drink with. Often the same environments and peer groups will cause you to relapse and promote cravings. If someone is still using alcohol or drugs then they should be completely avoided in order to keep you on the right path to a full recovery.
  • Avoid settings and environments that bring back memories of your substance abuse. If you used to drink then avoid bars, taverns, and establishments that serve this beverage. This is also a good idea even if your preferred substance was not alcohol. This beverage will lower your inhibitions and muddle your thought processes. This can lead to backsliding and you could end up using again.
  • Only use prescription medications that may be abused when medically necessary. If you are prescribed a pain medication for an injury or medical need then take these very sparingly, and only when you truly need them. Individuals who have substance abuse issues may switch from one type to another, especially when in recovery.
  • Find support groups and services. Having a sponsor or other support person can help give you someone to talk to when the cravings hit. In these situations the risk of relapse is lower. Make sure that you locate sources of support in your community as soon as you leave inpatient treatment.