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executive rehab components, professional addiction treatment

1. Spiritual Counseling- Spiritual wounds and voids often contribute to alcohol and drug use. If spiritual counseling is not provided to help you work through these issues and finally get closure then the risk of relapse can be very high. These invisible wounds fester and never heal until they are opened and finally resolved.

2. Individual Counseling- Individual counseling sessions are frequently neglected by treatment programs because this method is an expensive option. It requires a counselor for each hour of therapy and each individual patient. This cost can add up quickly, and individual counseling is not offered by most low end and government rehabs.

3. Individualized Attention And Treatment- An executive rehab should offer individualized attention and treatment. This needs to include a customized treatment plan because the contributing factors may be different for each individual with substance abuse problems.

4. A Comfortable Upscale Setting That Is Low Stress- Look for a setting and environment that is calm, peaceful, and free of any added stress. This will allow you to work through your life problems and reach a resolution much faster and more effectively.

5. Relapse Prevention Tools- The best rehabs will offer many different tools and resources that can help you avoid a relapse once your treatment is finished and you go back home. This is important to prevent the need for further treatment and setbacks in the future.

6. A Wide Range Of Physical Fitness Options- Physical fitness is a powerful tool that can help fight substance abuse and addiction. Look for programs that offer many activities and opportunities to get physically fit and eliminate toxins and residues from your system.