6 Elements An Executive Rehab May Offer To Promote Permanent Success And Recovery!

executive rehab components, professional addiction treatment

1. Spiritual Counseling- Spiritual wounds and voids often contribute to alcohol and drug use. If spiritual counseling is not provided to help you work through these issues and finally get closure then the risk of relapse can be very high. These invisible wounds fester and never heal until they are opened and finally resolved.


2. Individual Counseling- Individual counseling sessions are frequently neglected by treatment programs because this method is an expensive option. It requires a counselor for each hour of therapy and each individual patient. This cost can add up quickly, and individual counseling is not offered by most low end and government rehabs.


3. Individualized Attention And Treatment- An executive rehab should offer individualized attention and treatment. This needs to include a customized treatment plan because the contributing factors may be different for each individual with substance abuse problems.


4. A Comfortable Upscale Setting That Is Low Stress- Look for a setting and environment that is calm, peaceful, and free of any added stress. This will allow you to work through your life problems and reach a resolution much faster and more effectively.


5. Relapse Prevention Tools- The best rehabs will offer many different tools and resources that can help you avoid a relapse once your treatment is finished and you go back home. This is important to prevent the need for further treatment and setbacks in the future.


6. A Wide Range Of Physical Fitness Options- Physical fitness is a powerful tool that can help fight substance abuse and addiction. Look for programs that offer many activities and opportunities to get physically fit and eliminate toxins and residues from your system.

Appellate Court Says Anna Nicole Smith Conspiracy Verdicts Should Not Be Dismissed!

Anna Nicole Smith, conspiracy verdict

Anna Nicole Smith died from a drug overdose more than five and a half years ago, but the well known beauty is still in the headlines today. According to a jury in 2010 the manager and the psychiatrist for Anna Nicole entered into a conspiracy to provide the star with prescription drugs and using false names to obtain these drugs. The judge in the case, Superior Judge Robert Perry, overturned the jury verdict on the reasoning that celebrities often use fake names for privacy reasons. The decision was appealed, and the Second District Court Of Appeals reversed judge Perry. The appeals court decided that there was sufficient evidence for the conspiracy findings, but Smith manager Howard K Stern can not be retried and the appeals court did not give the lower court any further instructions.


It is true that celebrities commonly use false names, because reporters and tabloid reporters are always looking for private information on the rich and famous. Should the prescription laws allow celebrities to use false names though? If so then celebrities should be required to pick certain fake names to be used for controlled substances and prescription medications, and then register these names with the proper authorities. If celebrities are allowed to get prescriptions under various names this could allow almost unlimited abuse of the monitoring system for certain prescription drugs that are considered addictive or habit forming. If celebrities use fake names and these are not known to the drug agencies who monitor all prescription drugs sold then excessive medication use may not be detected, and the system is successfully circumvented. This may allow many more devastating drug overdoses like Anna Nicole Smith.




DJ Paul Of Three 6 Mafia Arrested For Weapons Possession And Public Drinking

DJ Paul, Paul Beauregard

Paul Beauregard, better known as rapper DJ Paul with the rap group Three 6 Mafia, was recently arrested after he was spotted by police drinking an open beer in New York City. Apparently Paul had a taste for Corona and he could not wait to get home before opening his brew, but his drinking in public was just the start of the troubles for the rap star. When police searched him Paul was carrying a Taser, which is illegal in New York and brought the star a second charge of weapons possession. DJ Paul has won an Academy Award, but his skills did not get him out of an arrest on the charges.


According to the criminal complaint filed against Paul Beauregard by the police officer involved, when he was asked why he was carrying an illegal weapon in the form of a Taser all Beauregard said was “I use it for protection”. Most celebrities hire security or bodyguards, few wander the streets of New York City carrying an illegal stun gun for protection. Maybe Paul had a few drinks before hitting the streets, and in an intoxicated condition decided that the Taser would be a better option than an actual gun. Since the rapper has such a promising future substance abuse treatment may be a good idea, otherwise alcohol use and poor decisions could cause the rapper’s star to start to fade away. Any plea bargain or sentence for the criminal charges may include alcohol treatment for Paul Beauregard.


Heroin Killed Garrett Reid According To Coroner!


Garret Reid, heroin overdose

according to the coroner. Reid was found dead on August 5, at the Eagles football training camp at Lehigh University, where he was working with his father and the rest of the coaching team. The coroner in the case, Zachary Lysek, held a press conference and ruled that the 29 year old died of acute opiate (heroin) toxicity, and the coroner ruled that the manner which the death occurred was accidental. Reid had a long history of heroin abuse, and was arrested in 2007 and ended up spending time in prison due to his drug use.


Garrett Reid was only 29 years old, far too young to have lost his life. Reid never could seem to kick the heroin habit for any length of time, even though the young man tried repeatedly. This case shows just how destructive a heroin addiction can be and the dangers that this drug poses to American youth. According to Northampton D.A. John Morganelli Garrett was discovered in his dorm room, slumped over a chair. In addition to the body police also found a spoon, a syringe that had been used, numerous unused syringes, and close to 20 vials that all contained an unknown substance which was liquid. Unfortunately individuals with a heroin addiction very rarely benefit from substance abuse treatment unless an in depth and extensive program is used because of the pull that this drug continues to offer. 


Redmond O’Neal’s Long Battle With Addiction May Finally Be Over After A Year Of Rehab

felony probation, Redmond O'Neal

Redmond O’Neal, the son of stars Farrah Fawcett and Ryan O’Neal, has completed a full year in a court ordered rehab program and he was smiling when he appeared in the Los Angeles Superior Court. The judge congratulated O’Neal on his efforts to recover from substance abuse but also warned him that if he messes up he will go to prison. Additional counseling for substance abuse and psychological wellness have been ordered by the court. The sentence is part of a deal that Redmond received after being caught possessing heroin and firearms. Both charges were felonies, but instead of throwing Redmond in prison last year the judge ordered an entire year at a live in rehabilitation facility, and this is what Redmond has completed.


Ever since he was a teenager Redmond O’Neal has battled substance abuse issues. Redmond will continue to wear the electronic tethering device and submit to random drug screens and property searches. O’Neal will continue on felony probation until 2016, and hopefully he can stay in recovery during this period. Redmond has been in and out of rehabs and jails most of his life, but hopefully this time he has undergone significant changes. After a year of recovery Redmond should have the tools needed to continue a sober life. 3 years in prison is a big deterrent, and that is how much time Redmond will serve if he fails a drug screen or does not follow all of the requirements of his felony probation. With this as a consequence Redmond should be able to stay on the straight and narrow but only time will tell. 


Marijuana Causes Commission Suspension For Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr, Nevada State Athletic Commission suspension

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. has received a temporary suspension from the Nevada State Athletic Commission. This suspension is the result of a positive marijuana test that Chavez had concerning the September 15 fight against Sergio Martinez. There is a meeting scheduled so that Chavez can present his side of the dispute and the Nevada attorney general can present the case for the state. According to Commission Executive Director Keith Kizer “Mr. Chavez’s license is suspended, but there is no finding of fact on the merits of the case. He had a license to fight in Nevada and we suspended it pending a hearing. Chavez had no objection to it. He wasn’t going to fight again this year anyway.”


Keith Kizer went on to say “I spoke to (Top Rank promoter) Bob (Arum) and he said he will advise Mr. Chavez to have his hearing at the next meeting. But that is up to Julio and his attorneys. We’re ready to go now, but if they feel they need more time, fine with us. I spoke with the promoter and attorney last week and there was no problem with what he did (on Tuesday). They understood the formality of it all. That’s all it is.” Most people would not consider marijuana a performance enhancing drug, in fact the opposite is probably true. Since Chavez does not plan to fight again soon substance abuse treatment would not interrupt his training schedule, so maybe now is the best time to get help for his marijuana use.


Linda Hogan’s DUI Arrest May Show A Need For Substance Abuse Treatment

Linda Bollea, Linda , DUI

Linda Hogan, the ex-wife of wrestling superstar Hulk Hogan, has been arrested for suspicion of DUI. Hogan was pulled over on Highway 101 in Calabasas, and she was pulled over because she was caught speeding through the area. Linda actually uses the legal name Linda Bollea, and the arrest happened at approximately 1:30 a.m. Linda stayed in jail until around 9 a.m. the same morning, when she posted bail in the amount of $5,000. According to a statement that the Sherriff’s office has released “A deputy saw a black Mercedes-Benz driving erratically on the westbound 101 Freeway. The deputy made a traffic stop of the vehicle on the Ventura Freeway at Kanan Road, Calabasas, to conduct a drunk driving investigation.” According to sources Linda had been at a local jewelry event and was on her way home when she was stopped by police. The police records show that Linda Bollea had a BAC test result that was slightly more than the 0.08 cutoff that the law allows.


According to Raymond Rafool, who is the attorney who represents Linda Bollea and who made a statement to the New York Daily News, “She’s a mom, so she’s embarrassed about it.” Rafool did not speculate or comment on whether Linda will go for substance abuse treatment or not, but this step may help her when her court date arrives. While Linda Bollea may have only been slightly above the legal limit the fact is that she used poor judgment while in an alcohol induced state, and drove a vehicle capable of causing serious injury or death in this condition. 


Suspected DUI Accident Claims Life Of Sammi Kane Kraft

Bad News Bears, fatal DUI accident

Sammi Kane Kraft, perhaps best known for her role as the pitcher in the remake of the movie The Bad News Bears, has died as a result of a crash that may be DUI related. The crash occurred early on Wednesday, and the location was on the Santa Monica Freeway. Kraft was not the driver, Molly Adams was operating the Audi when the vehicle slammed into the back of a tractor trailer. The accident occurred near the Crenshaw Boulevard exit, and the initial impact disabled the car. After the Audi hit the back of the semi a Toyota Scion also hit the Audi. Molly Adams sustained serious injuries in the crash, and she was treated at the California Medical Center according to the California Highway Patrol. Sammi Kraft was not so lucky, she was pronounced dead from injuries that were not specified after arriving at Cedars Sinai Medical Center from the scene of the crash. At 20 Kraft had a promising career ahead of her, and it is suspected that her life was cut short because Molly Adams was driving under the influence.


After the accident Molly Adams was placed under arrest and booked, and the initial charge was suspicion of felony DUI. Since Kraft was killed in the accident these charges may be upgraded and other charges may also be added. The driver of the semi was treated for minor injuries, and so was the driver of the Scion. It has not been determined whether Kraft had been drinking prior to the accident, but Kraft was not driving and did not cause the fatal collision even if she was drinking under the legal age. Kraft became an actress at 13 years old when she starred in the remake of the Bad News Bears, and no one expected her career to be cut this short due to alcohol and poor judgment. 


Nelly Bodyguard Arrested For Drugs After Tour Bus Stopped In Texas

Sierra Blanca, Texas, can claim another celebrity victim. This is the town that is known for stopping everyone in their efforts to eliminate drugs in the area, even famous celebrities that are used to the white glove treatment like Fiona Apple and Willie Nelson. On October 10, 2012, Nelly and his entourage were aboard a 2007 tour bus, and the registered owner of the bus is Cornell Iral Haynes which is Nelly’s legal given name. When the bus reached the Border Patrol checkpoint the Border Patrol agent performed a US citizenship check on the passengers on the bus, and this check included Nelly and everyone else on the bus. The agent’s canine companion alerted that either drugs or hidden humans were detected on the bus and the bus driver was told to pull over to another lane at the station for a more extensive inspection.drug possession, Nelly

Once the bus had pulled over the Border Patrol agent asked all of the passengers to exit the vehicle so the dog could search the bus. When the agent and dog entered the bus the dog hit on a box, and then a green duffel bag was also located that made the dog alert. There was a plastic container in the cardboard box that had marijuana, 36 baggies with heroin in small amounts, and a loaded pistol. The green duffel was located in a compartment under the bus, and this bag contained more than 10 pounds of marijuana in 9 bags that had been vacuum sealed. Originally everyone on the bus was detained, even Nelly the star, but eventually Nelly’s bodyguard Brian Keith Jones admitted that the drugs belonged to him. Whether this is actually true or the bodyguard took the fall for someone else may never be known.