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DJ Paul, Paul Beauregard

Paul Beauregard, better known as rapper DJ Paul with the rap group Three 6 Mafia, was recently arrested after he was spotted by police drinking an open beer in New York City. Apparently Paul had a taste for Corona and he could not wait to get home before opening his brew, but his drinking in public was just the start of the troubles for the rap star. When police searched him Paul was carrying a Taser, which is illegal in New York and brought the star a second charge of weapons possession. DJ Paul has won an Academy Award, but his skills did not get him out of an arrest on the charges.

According to the criminal complaint filed against Paul Beauregard by the police officer involved, when he was asked why he was carrying an illegal weapon in the form of a Taser all Beauregard said was “I use it for protection”. Most celebrities hire security or bodyguards, few wander the streets of New York City carrying an illegal stun gun for protection. Maybe Paul had a few drinks before hitting the streets, and in an intoxicated condition decided that the Taser would be a better option than an actual gun. Since the rapper has such a promising future substance abuse treatment may be a good idea, otherwise alcohol use and poor decisions could cause the rapper’s star to start to fade away. Any plea bargain or sentence for the criminal charges may include alcohol treatment for Paul Beauregard.