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New Year's resolutions, substance abuse recovery

The New Year is a time to make resolutions, but is substance abuse recovery a good resolution to make if you have a substance abuse problem? It is a proven fact that many people make a New Year’s resolution, stick to it for a short time, and then go back to their old habits and unwise ways. While making substance abuse recovery your New’s Resolution may seem like a great idea during the holiday season this goal is too important to treat lightly. Receiving substance abuse treatment during the holiday season can be an excellent idea, but your substance abuse recovery needs to result from a desire to change your life and stay clean and sober. The importance of your substance abuse recovery needs to be your top priority.


Making a resolution for the New Year to start your substance abuse recovery can be a catalyst for change, but this needs to be followed up by enrollment into a residential substance abuse treatment facility. Substance abuse tends to increase during the holiday season, and overdose deaths also rise during this period. Some find that being in treatment at this time can be very beneficial, and friends and family will consider your sobriety and substance abuse recovery the best gift possible. If you need help with substance abuse in any form then you can make a New Year’s resolution, but this should be the starting point to treatment and not the end goal. Make substance abuse recovery a lifetime goal, not just a spur of the moment objective that will soon importance as the year wears on.