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1. Go Online- The Internet can be a very valuable resource for anyone who knows how to use a computer and search the web. There are many websites that are designed for substance abuse treatment programs, and these offer information about the program as well as general substance abuse, addiction, and treatment information and statistics.




2. Use The Phone- Create a list of substance abuse treatment programs in your area and then call each program. Ask about the treatment methods and techniques that are offered by a program and get information about the cost and typical length of stay.




3. Visit Your Physician- Visit your physician and discuss your possible need for substance abuse or addiction treatment. Most physicians can refer you to an appropriate treatment facility where you can get the help that you want and need. Doctors generally view substance abuse and addiction from a clinical standpoint, and generally do not look down on the patient because of these issues but try to assist instead.




4. Talk To Family And Friends- Your family and friends may be a terrific resource and source of support if you need help with substance abuse or addiction in any form. Involving friends and family members will ensure that you have all the support you need, and many of these individuals may know of treatment options that you are unaware of.




5. Examine Your Health Insurance Coverage And Contact The Insurer- If you have health insurance coverage and you need help with this type of problem examine your coverage. Many insurances will cover some or all of any substance abuse treatment needed. If this is the case then contact your insurer to get a referral in your specific case.