New Application Shows What Crystal Methamphetamine Addiction Will Do to You


what Methamphetamine Addiction will do to youIce Effex is a new application that shows how crystal methamphetamine addiction can affect you. The app details how you would look after abusing meth for a single year. The difference that 12 months can make can be very dramatic when methamphetamine is being used, and many who have used the app were shocked by how drastic their looks and beauty changed in such a short period. Trinity Lionel and Hadyn Cook, a couple from Australia, used $40,000 of their life savings in order to develop Ice Effex and the motivation came from the time they spend working at a local rehab facility. The new application uses digital technology to alter a photo of the individual. The program allows the image to be altered to reflect 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months of methamphetamine addiction.

The new application for methamphetamine addiction was designed to help prevent this type of addiction n the first place. Cook explained the reasoning behind Ice Effex to journalists and said “To sit with my son and say ‘eat your veggies, it’s good for your insides,’ they don’t give a stuff about that. They care about what they look like. It’s a really big deal to them at that age. The devastation and cost that one user can have on a family and community is huge. Even if [the app] saves one kids or a couple of kids, it will have been worth it.” In addition to the digitally altered image the new application also provides important medical information about how meth affects the body underneath the skin. The app creators are hoping that it will be used as a teaching tool in schools as well.

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