Will a Luxury Rehab in Canada Guarantee a Permanent Recovery?

luxury rehab in Canada, permanent recovery

If you choose a luxury rehab in Canada will you get any type of guarantee about a permanent recovery? The answer depends on the luxury rehab that you have chosen. Some of these facilities will provide a guarantee that you can receive a further round of treatment if you do relapse later on and you have met certain conditions, but some do not make any type of warranty about the results that you get. If you want a permanent recovery then you should be prepared to spend more in order to get this. An upscale rehab facility that offers proven techniques and treatment methods will be a better choice than a community run program that offers group a few times a week but little else, even if it is more expensive to get better results.

Look for a luxury rehab in Canada that provides individual counseling, a stress free environment, and many different treatment choices and activities for you to participate in. Often those with substance abuse issues also have difficulty trusting others, and equine therapy can help overcome this issue. Art and music allow you to vent pent up emotions and feelings, giving you an outlet for negative thoughts and helping you heal more effectively. Group sessions should not be overlooked because the peer support offered during these sessions is important, but group is no substitute for individual counseling several times a week. Physical fitness, anger management, stress and relaxation techniques, and nutritional counseling are all also important to a full and permanent recovery and these will be offered by the best programs.

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