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intervention, intervention process

If you have a loved one or family member who has a problem with drugs, alcohol, or other addictions then an intervention may be one of the options that you are considering. A common myth is that an intervention will only work if the individual is ready to admit the problem and is receptive to treatment, but this is not true. Even if your loved one refuses to accept that they have a problem an intervention may cause them to see the pain and suffering that their actions are causing. The goal of the intervention is to get the individual into treatment for their substance abuse or addiction, and this can happen even if the person is completely against help before the meeting. An intervention specialist, like those available through Valiant Recovery, can ensure that this meeting is more effective.

A professional trained in the intervention process can help family members express their feelings and emotions in a productive way, and ensure that the intervention does not turn into a drawn out argument that does not offer the desired outcome. It is not possible to force the individual into treatment, they must be willing to go, but these meetings can help the individual understand that their substance abuse or addiction affects others and not just their own life. When friends and family members provide support and confront the individual about their habits then the person who needs treatment may be more receptive to the idea. If someone you know or care about has an addiction or is headed down the wrong road then an intervention may be entirely appropriate, and will show that you care about them and their well being.