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hyper sexuality, Sex Addiction

A sex addiction is often the topic of jokes and ridicule but this type of addiction is real. Many may be surprised to find that sex addiction is not really about sex, it is about the emotional needs and vulnerabilities of the individual instead. This type of addiction often includes risk taking behaviors that can be dangerous. Many marriages and intimate relationships have been destroyed because one party could not stop certain activities. Many professionals actually refer to this condition as hyper sexuality rather than sex addiction, and they point out that the underlying emotions and feelings cause the behavior and not an intense desire for sexual gratification. A sexual addiction is a compulsive need to engage in risky or extramarital sexual activity even though these actions may have devastating consequences.


Some common examples of sex addiction behaviors include:


  • Surfing porn while at work, even though this is prohibited and could cause you to be fired as a result
  • Engaging in extramarital affairs even though this could cause a divorce or separation if your spouse discovers these activities
  • Using prostitutes even though the risks of this activity are clearly known
  • Meeting unknown individuals for sexual encounters
  • Masturbating excessively
  • Exposing yourself in public places or to others


Anyone who has a problem with sexual behaviors or who crosses the line without regard to the consequences needs treatment. Without help you will continue to engage in the same risky behaviors, and the issue could escalate over time. Valiant Recovery has a sex addiction treatment program that can help you get your life back and end these behaviors once and for all.