Is A Marijuana Addiction Possible?

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Is marijuana addictive or is this just a story to discourage the use of this drug? Some state that this substance is all natural and that addiction is not possible, but if that is the case then why do users tend to follow the same path that other drugs cause? The user will start to develop a tolerance, and more of the plant is required to get the same effects. Since it is smoked there are also a number of health concerns and diseases that can be caused by marijuana use, and anyone who knows a user can tell when they do not have this drug available. Irritability, a low tolerance for stressful situations, and an intense need to locate and use marijuana can be seen. In addition the use of this substance causes the brain and body to alter the chemicals and neurotransmitters produced, so that depression occurs in many individuals.

The depression may not be apparent when the drug is used, but when the individual runs out they may become chronically depressed. When the user is high they may eat excessively, but without the drug a loss of appetite can occur. Many states have made it legal to use marijuana for medical purposes but there are not a lot of scientific studies available to prove these results because of the way that the drug is classified under the federal drug schedule. The claim that marijuana is not addictive has not been proven, and many signs of dependency and addiction have been ignored by those who push these claims.

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