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gift of recovery, holiday substance abuse treatment

This year for the holidays why not give the gift of recovery, either to yourself or to someone that you care about who could use this opportunity for holiday substance abuse treatment? During the end of the year holidays the rates of depression, suicide, substance abuse, and mental illness tends to go up. It is ironic because Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years Day are supposed to be filled with joy and happiness. For many people this is not the case though, and the holidays are full of pain or fear instead. This can lead to drinking or using drugs, then addiction, The gift of recovery for yourself or the offer of holiday substance abuse treatment for a loved one could be a life changing opportunity.

The cost of holiday substance abuse treatment can vary widely, depending on many factors that include insurance coverage, facility, program, length of stay, treatment methods and techniques used, and other variables. If you can not afford to give the gift of recovery to someone who needs it on your own then you can always ask other friends and family members to chip in as well. If the entire family and circle of friends offers a donation towards the gift of recovery and holiday substance abuse treatment instead of buying a present you may be surprised by how much these smaller amounts can reach at the end. When you give this type of gift it can change the life of the recipient forever, and give them back hope for a fresh start and a brighter future.