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Substance abuse and addiction can be devastating until treatment is received. What happens if an addiction to drugs, alcohol, or other destructive behaviors is never treated though? Usually this leads to a downward spiral until the individual reaches rock bottom and admits there is a problem. For some this point may never come while others may get there much faster. There are many types of addictions, and these include food, shopping, sex, gambling, even theft in some cases. Many have an addiction to online shopping or buying things they see on television. Sex addicts place their safety and health in jeopardy in order to experience forbidden thrills. A gambling addict may deplete their financial resources and still not admit that they can not stop.

If any type of addiction is present and the right diagnosis and treatment given the consequences can be destructive, and even fatal at times. Until the invisible wounds that cause the behavior are opened up and worked through there can not be a complete and permanent recovery. This can only be done with individual counseling several times a week. Any treatment program that lacks this component will not be fully effective, and can not provide a comprehensive recovery that lasts. If treatment is not received then the addict will continue with the same behaviors until they are forced to stop, either through the legal system because they are incarcerated or because they become severely injured or die as a result of the addiction. The right treatment program, one like Valiant Recovery, will offer intervention services to help the individual admit they have a problem and need help.