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Is relapse a part of the substance abuse recovery process

Many people believe that relapse has to be part of the substance abuse recovery process but this is not necessarily true. Some people have successfully beat their addictions the first time that they go through a residential inpatient program, others may relapse numerous times before they reach a recovery if they ever do. Each individual is different and so is their road to a permanent recovery. The choice of treatment programs used, the situation that each individual has, and any past traumas and invisible wounds will all play a role in how well treatment is received and addiction is conquered. You do not have to relapse as part of your substance abuse recovery if you choose a program that is highly effective and supportive.

If you want substance abuse recovery that does not include one or more relapses then it is important to evaluate several treatment facilities and programs. Look for programs that offer individual counseling several times a week, and which have an environment that is soothing and free from unnecessary stress. If you are a Christian then a Christian program may work best because the spiritual aspects of these programs can make them more effective. A private facility may also be a better solution because many government and charity run facilities face limited budgets and a high patient caseload. This can create a chaotic environment that may make a permanent recovery harder to achieve. Look at the relapse statistics for each program and treatment facility as well to see just how effective the treatment provided actually is.