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addiction definition, addiction diagnosis The newest D.S.M. revision is expected to be released soon and this newest version has some medical experts and mental health professionals concerned. The revised version will include a new definition of addiction, and there are new symptoms that are included to help diagnose individuals who have addiction problems. Some people worry that the new definition and symptoms for an addiction diagnosis will cause many more individuals to be diagnosed, and that many of the newly diagnosed will not actually be suffering from the current definition of addiction. In many areas substance abuse treatment is hard to find already, and if millions more people are diagnosed with substance abuse or addiction then this could prevent those with severe addictions from finding the help needed.

Another concern with the new addiction definition and symptoms is the cost involved. If insurance coverage pays for the new definitions this could be very expensive, especially if the newer addiction drugs are used. Another concern is that the same people who create the revised version of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders have a financial interest in seeing the addiction diagnosis changed to include more people because of pharmaceutical company ties and interests. Many of the experts who have helped recommend the changes have been closely tied with pharmaceutical companies that make drugs used to fight addiction. While there may not be any conflict in actuality the fact that it looks like conflict could be a problem is a big issue. Another problem with the proposed changes is the current substance abuse treatment system is not ready for millions more people who are diagnosed with addiction.