Do You Know How to Recognize Binge Eating Disorder?

Many people do not know how to recognize binge eating disorder, and this oversight can mean the difference between recovery and poor health or even death in severe cases. A binge eating disorder is characterized by a number of signs and symptoms. These may not always be obvious, especially in the beginning, but as the disorder grows so do the symptoms that may be seen. Learning how to recognize binge eating disorder means being aware of the signs to look for. One of these is evidence of an episode of binge eating, such as missing food or large amounts of containers and wrappers for food that suddenly appear in the garbage. Hoarding food is another sign of a binge eating disorder, and you may find a large store of food stashed away. Men and women both can suffer from this disorder and it is equally common in both sexes.binge eating disorder, recognize binge eating disorder

The binge eater may wear clothing that is loose and baggy in an effort to hide their body shape and hide any weight gain. Binge eating disorder typically leads to a weight gain and often causes obesity. The person may refuse to eat meals with others, even if they have made elaborate menus for others to enjoy. The binge eater will also seem to be dieting all the time, even though they do not usually lose weight. Obesity and other serious health problems can be caused by binge eating disorder, and if you or someone you care about has this condition then treatment is needed. Have you ever known anyone with binge eating disorder, and how did you handle it?

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