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addiction treatment, consequences of addiction

1. Family Relationships- Addiction can destroy family relationships, break down communication, and even cause a lack of trust. Family members may try to help but until you are ready this assistance is often turned down.

2. Friendships- When addiction sets in then friendships are often neglected and start to fade away, because you have a new peer group who shares the same substance abuse interests.

3. Finances- Substance abuse can be a very costly habit, and this usually leads to money problems on a regular basis. You may find it difficult to meet monthly bills or even pay for food and gas.

4. Reputation- Addiction can destroy both your personal and professional reputation. As the addiction becomes stronger you will become known as unreliable and unstable.

5. Employment- Substance abuse and related consequences can cost you your employment and source of income. If your problem becomes known it may be difficult or impossible to find another job.

6. Criminal Record- Addiction often leads to a criminal record, either for possession, being under the influence, or other criminal acts.

7. Poor Health- Alcohol and drugs will quickly cause your physical health to decline, leading to diseases and medical complications that can be costly and even life threatening.

8. Safety- Addiction leads to risk taking, and this could jeopardize your safety. Drinking often leads to injuries, and drug use places you in a criminal environment where the risks are very high.

9. Mental Health Problems- Substance abuse and addiction may lead to mental health problems. The number of individuals who suffer from both of these issues at the same time is very large.