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Detoxing from alcohol, medical treatment

Detoxing from alcohol can be a struggle for anyone who has used this substance for an extended period or who consumes large quantities every day, and in severe cases medical treatment and oversight may be needed so that this can be done safely and effectively. Alcohol addiction involves a physical dependence on the drug and if it is suddenly stopped the body may not respond well. During medical detox treatment for alcohol medications may be required to overcome the physical symptoms of withdrawal. Until the individual is completely clean and sober treatment for the underlying addiction can not be started and cravings will distract from the recovery and healing process. This often means relapse and a big fall off the wagon for those fighting to overcome alcohol addiction.

Medical alcohol detox treatment may include medications intended to lower the risk of seizures and convulsions, muscle relaxers to stop tremors and twitches, and even sedatives to combat the worst of the cravings and anxiety that the individual may experience. It is possible for someone who has chronic alcohol abuse problems to suffer permanent and irreversible damage if medical treatment is not received during the worst part of the alcohol detox process. Detoxing from alcohol can be very difficult to do, especially if the abuse of this substance has gone on for long periods of time. Valiant Recovery provides detox and treatment for alcohol addiction in the same setting, so that our clients are more likely to be successful in their recovery efforts. Have you ever required medical treatment for alcohol withdrawal? What symptoms did you experience?