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addiction help, families of addicts

1. Arrange An Intervention- Sometimes an intervention may help the addict see just how the substance abuse affects friends and family members. Setting up an intervention may be the step that causes the addict to realize that help is needed, and this step may lead to inpatient substance abuse treatment and recovery.




2. Learn About Addiction- Before you can help someone with an addiction you must know and understand this problem clearly. Get educated about what causes an addiction and the most effective treatments in each case. This will allow you to determine which treatments will work best and which treatments are not very effective.




3. Provide Support- An individual who has an addiction needs support to overcome this problem. Be available and provide any support that is needed by the addict. Take the time to discuss any problems that the individual may have and find ways that you can provide much needed support, so that the addict is less likely to fall back into their old habits.




4. Be Realistic About A Relapse- Be realistic about what to expect from substance abuse treatment. A relapse is common and occurs in a large percentage of the cases. Two steps forward and one step back is common with substance abuse treatment programs.




5. Don’t Give Up- Don’t give up on your loved on, no matter how many times they relapse. Beating an addiction can be very difficult but it is possible when loved ones never give up. Keep trying to reach your loved one and encourage treatment at every opportunity.