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executive rehab, professional substance abuse treatment

1. Confidentiality- Professionals who have substance abuse or addiction issues can maintain complete confidentiality when early treatment is sought. If treatment is ordered or mandated then you could end up losing some of the confidentiality involved because information may need to be disclosed to an employer, a government agency, a court, or a licensing agency.

2. Prevent Substance Abuse From Becoming A Bigger Threat- Early treatment often means that the problem with substance abuse or addiction is treated fairly quickly. This prevents the downward spiral that these activities can lead to and ensures that your employment or desired licenses are not taken away as a result of these issues.

3. Better Treatment Results- Early intervention often means more effective treatment and better results. The substance abuse has not become a chronic habit that is ingrained, so it is easier to work through the contributing factors and eliminate these issues permanently. This also means a lower rehab risk.

4. Less Time Needed In An Inpatient Facility- When you seek treatment early on you will usually require a shorter inpatient stay then someone who has been abusing alcohol or drugs for many years. If you voluntarily seek treatment then there is no specific time requirement involved. If a court or government agency finds out about your substance abuse this could mean a mandated period of time in an inpatient facility.

5. Protect The Business Reputation And Professional Success Achieved- Professionals who have substance abuse problems have often spent many years building up a reputation and have achieved a certain level of success in their area of expertise. Early treatment can help protect this reputation and success, leaving none the wiser that you have been to rehab and had a problem in the past.