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alcoholism, alcoholism treatment

Alcoholism is a big problem around the world, and millions of Americans suffer from this problem. Alcoholism is related to substance abuse and it is an addiction to alcohol. Many common symptoms of this condition include:




  • Difficulty controlling the amount or frequency of your alcohol consumption
  • A preoccupation with alcohol at inappropriate times
  • Alcohol use even though this substance abuse is destructive and causes problems in your life because of this substance abuse
  • A physical dependence on alcohol starts, and it becomes harder to get the same sense of well being unless the amount of alcohol consumed is increased as time goes by
  • When alcohol use is diminished or stopped completely withdrawal symptoms begin
  • Continued alcohol abuse even when the consequences of these actions may be severe and devastating




Many individuals who suffer from alcoholism end up losing jobs, families, and even their freedom. Without the right types of substance abuse treatment the addiction to alcohol may be very difficult to overcome. Some programs view alcoholism as a disease but others believe that this classification takes away any personal responsibility and fosters a mindset of “It’s not my fault and I can not control a disease.” This type of thinking may contribute to alcohol use. Alcoholism can be overcome with the right types of therapy and a substance abuse program that offers these treatments will have a higher success rate. Individual therapy, anger and stress management, and spiritual counseling are all crucial components to any effective program that actually works.