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avoid substance abuse, prevent relapses during the holidays

The holidays are really tough for those with substance abuse problems. There are many ways that you can get through them without relapsing though. Some of these include:

1. Spend the day feeding the homeless or helping those less fortunate. Instead of sitting around with nothing to do volunteer at a shelter or offer to deliver meals to those who need them. Many do not have family or even the basic necessities, and you may realize just how fortunate you are in spite of your problems as well.

2. Go to a meeting. If the holidays roll around and you find yourself close to a relapse find out where there is a meeting and then attend. Many groups take steps to ensure that these meetings are widely available during the holidays because of the increase in the relapse rate seen.

3. Make an effort to reach out to those you have harmed in the past. Instead of going back to the old ways why not reach out to someone you have wronged and try to make amends? This time of year revolves around family and friends, but for many addicts these may be few and far between because of past behavior and actions.

4. Seek further treatment. If you find that the compulsion to relapse is strong then check into a rehab. Do not let this season ruin all of the hard work and achievements you have accomplished. If the desire to go back to substance abuse is strong then further treatment may be just the thing to help you stay on the right path.