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1. Why do drug addiction treatment centers provide varied results? The results seen with different drug addiction treatment programs can vary widely, because each program will offer specific treatment methods, tools, and resources. Some programs may offer numerous options while others have much more limited selections.

2. Which Drug Addiction Treatment Method is Most Effective? The methods used to recover from drug addiction can range from group counseling sessions to individual sessions, and some methods are more effective than others. The best possible treatment method is one on one counseling sessions several times a week. This allows the individual to work through all of their contributing factors and finally recover completely from drug abuse and addiction.

3. How Much Does Drug Addiction Treatment Cost? Every drug addiction treatment facility will charge a specific price, and this can vary by many thousands of dollars each month. Inexpensive government programs are cheap, but they may not provide great results. Luxury rehabs can run $10,000 a month or more, but not all of these offer proven methods and higher recovery statistics to back up the higher price.

4. Who Needs Drug Addiction Treatment? Drug addiction treatment is needed by anyone who has a problem using drugs. The drug of choice may be different for each user, but all individuals who need this type of help are physically or psychologically tolerant or addicted in some way. Without the proper help and treatment the drug use may not stop until the user is dead.

5. Why do Some Users Relapse After Drug Addiction Treatment? Relapse is a big problem when it comes to drug addiction treatment. Users will relapse for many reasons, and one of the biggest is choosing a treatment program that is not highly effective. Old friends, places where you have used in the past, and other situations can also trigger a relapse and additional rounds of treatment.