Will An Intervention Help If A Loved One Does Not Want Treatment For Substance Abuse?

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If you have a loved one with substance abuse problems then you want to help. What if your friend or family member will not admit that they have a problem though? Should you arrange for an intervention or is this pointless until the individual will admit the substance abuse issue and agree to get help? A common misconception is that an individual must actively seek out help in order to get better, but this is not always the case. Many who have been successfully recovered for many years only saw their problem when an intervention was held. This can be a powerful tool, and is often the motivating factor behind the realization that substance abuse treatment is needed. An intervention can be effective even if your loved one is upset in the beginning, and has not admitted their addiction yet.




During an intervention people who care about the person fighting with addiction get involved. Letters are written telling the user how their substance abuse has affected others, and friends and family members try to impress on the individual how the drug or alcohol use is destroying their relationships. Those involved are advised to be brutally honest so that the individual finally sees how destructive this activity is and will accept the help and substance abuse treatment being offered. If your loved one needs help in this area then you should speak with an intervention specialist like Valiant Recovery. You will find out what services are offered and help your loved one start on the path to a full recovery.




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