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executive rehabs, professionals

When it comes to treatment for substance abuse and addiction an executive rehab may be the best choice for professionals from many different fields. Doctors, lawyers, nurses, pilots, and others who have a high stress and high responsibility career are typically more likely to engage in these behaviors due to the job stress and the longer hours worked. These are also the patients who are most likely to worry about someone else finding out that they are in treatment or that they have had a substance abuse problem in the past. Executive rehabs are expensive in most cases, but these facilities are designed to promote the fastest and most effective recovery possible while also providing a calm and comfortable setting for this process.

Executive rehabs cost more because they will usually offer more advanced and comprehensive treatment options. Instead of treating 25-50 patients at once these facilities may only have a few residents at any given time. This provides more personal attention and a greater amount of one on one time. Individual counseling may also be offered, and this can cost $100 or more per hour. The best executive rehabs also include gourmet dining options, many amenities and features, and a staff that is dedicated to helping the professional recover completely. Luxurious settings, numerous physical activities, and the most advanced treatment options with a proven level of effectiveness are just some of the reasons why this type of facility should be chosen by anyone who is used to a certain level of privilege and who can not afford for their treatment to become public knowledge.