Upscale Substance Abuse Treatment Is About Much More Than Just Luxury

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A common misconception is that an upscale substance abuse treatment facility provides the same treatment types as a government run rehab but with luxurious surroundings and an upscale setting. This is not true, a number of upscale programs offer much more than just luxury, they offer a better chance at a permanent recovery and a future free from addiction. The higher cost of upscale rehabs reflects more than just the setting and environment. The best programs will use the most effective methods and latest techniques in order to fully treat all of the contributing factors, and this often includes individual counseling and other therapies that many programs can not afford to offer. These treatment methods cost more to provide and the larger expense is seen by the higher program cost.


Another benefit that an upscale substance abuse program offers is a serene environment that is calm and supportive. Government programs are usually very crowded, with many patients and few staff members. Part of the cost of an upscale program covers additional staff members so that each client receives plenty of one on one attention. This can help the individual work through their physical, psychological, and spiritual wounds faster and eliminate these issues once and for all. This is something that cheaper rehabs do not provide but it can be a deciding factor in whether or not a a full and permanent recovery is possible. Luxurious settings are a bonus, but the added therapy options, tools, and resources offered are the real reasons why an upscale rehab may provide better results.


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