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Rehab facilities and substance abuse treatment programs come in a wide range of types. What is the difference between an executive rehab and a government sponsored treatment program? Is this difference worth the extra cost that you will pay? In most cases the answer is yes. An executive rehab offers an upscale residential setting and typically has a larger range of treatment options and therapy choices so better results are normally seen. A government sponsored program is normally crowded, with fewer professionals and more patients. This can lead to an incomplete recovery and future relapses after the program is completed. When you relapse then further rounds of substance abuse treatment are needed and this means additional costs as well. An executive rehab may have a much higher rate of permanent success because more effective treatment methods can be used.

Individual counseling sessions are crucial for a full recovery and a life without further substance abuse. Most government run treatment programs do not have a budget that can cover the expense of this therapy for each patient though, so group may be the only therapy method provided. Group sessions do have some substance abuse treatment value but they are not the most effective choice for the best results. An executive rehab is designed to provide results that are lasting, as well as the environment that executives have come to expect. A quiet atmosphere with fewer other patients is conducive to recovery, and stress management and nutritional counseling are just a few of the extra components that this type of facility may offer to clients.

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