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Drug Addiction, substance abuse complicationsThere are many possible substance abuse complications from alcohol and drug addiction, and these complications can impact almost every area of your life. The abuse of alcohol or drugs will greatly increase the risk of domestic violence in the household, and will often cause the loss of employment. Studies also show that those who are addicted to drugs or alcohol are less likely to find a similar job to their peers who do not have substance abuse issues. Children who grow up in homes where alcohol or drug abuse occurs are more likely to become involved in substance abuse themselves, and they also face higher risks for poor functioning in school, problems in society, and health problems. Substance abuse complications affect everyone, not just the person abusing drugs or alcohol.

Mental and physical health are also involved with substance abuse complications as a result of alcohol or drug addiction. Some drugs are considered uppers, including cocaine and methamphetamines, and these can place tremendous stress on your heart and other organs. This leads to an increase in your risk of having a heart attack or a stroke, as well as possible organ damage. Some drugs are referred to as downers, and these include heroin, sedatives, and other substances that promote a relaxed state. This boosts the risks for respiratory arrest, as well as possible damage to your organs and cells. Prescription drug abuse that involves narcotic pain medications can lead to death by overdose, and these drugs tend to slow down all of your bodily systems and functions.