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1. Marijuana- This is one of the most frequently abused drugs, and is a favorite even with younger children in many inner cities. Look for eyes that are glassy, a big surge in appetite, laughter at inappropriate times, and a tendency to sleep a lot and at odd times. This drug is usually smoked and can leave a very pungent odor, but it can also be baked into foods.

2. Stimulants- These drugs are also called uppers, speed, and other street names. They include crystal methamphetamine, cocaine in both powder and rock form, and both legal and illegal amphetamines. Many children are on ADHD medication that is classified as a stimulant, and in recent years a number of parents have admitted or been caught illegally taking these substances.commonly abused drugs, most common drug addictions

3. Depressants- These are typically referred to as downers, and they have a sedative effect on the brain and body. They can include Valium, the date rape drug GHB, the very popular Xanax, and many others. Some of these are typically prescribed for anxiety, and may also be used for certain other medical conditions.

4. Heroin- Heroin is becoming a serious problem across the USA, and it affects small towns and rural areas as well as big cities and suburbs. Emergency rooms across the country report deaths every day from an overdose of this drug, and it can be one of the hardest addictions to treat successfully.

5. Inhalants- Inhalants have also seen a rise in popularity, and these can result in permanent brain damage or even death. Glues, aerosol products, and vapors from chemicals and toxic compounds are all used by individuals to get high. Gasoline, model glue, liquid cement, and other commercial products can be devastating to brain cells and tissues, but the user continues with these activities even knowing the dangers.