What is a High Functioning Alcoholic?

A high functioning alcoholic seems like a contradiction but the fact is that many people with an alcohol abuse problem may seem to function well. When most people think of someone with an alcohol problem they picture someone who has hit rock bottom, homeless and alone and drunk in a gutter or losing everything because they will not stop drinking. Some people have a problem with alcohol yet they do nt seem to be devastated by this substance abuse, and these individuals are what the professionals call high functioning alcoholics or just functioning alcoholics. This type of alcoholic is different from what is expected, and their life does not seem to be impacted by their alcohol use in the same way.

A high functioning alcoholic may seem fine even while they are engaged in alcohol abuse, and these individuals may e able to hold down a good job, keep their family together, pay bills on time, and even have friends and a rich social life. This does not mean that they are not affected and harmed by the alcohol abuse though. A high functioning alcoholic may seem fine on the outside but they still need treatment to stop the alcohol abuse that is harming them in more subtle and less visible ways. These individuals may seem motivated, responsible, and hard working. The last type of person you would suspect of being an alcoholic because they seem to have it all together in spite of their excessive or too frequent drinking. Eventually everything will collapse, and the impact of the alcohol abuse will start to show if treatment is not received.

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