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If you are a professional and need help with substance abuse, then a residential treatment center is usually the right choice. But how can you tell which facility is right for you and your unique circumstances, due to your medical, legal, or business success? Professionals who are successful usually deal with high levels of stress, and this is often a leading cause of substance abuse. Usually this problem requires treatment and counseling on an inpatient basis, but all residential treatment center facilities and services are not the same, and these can vary widely. If you are a professional who is looking for treatment there are some considerations you should evaluate before making a final decision.


Successful individuals are usually very driven, and may have unique or unusual requirements concerning any residential treatment center for substance abuse. Discretion is very important, because your career and personal life could be devastated if the substance abuse becomes public knowledge. In addition you may require certain luxuries that are not available with many centers. Private rooms, good meals, extensive physical fitness equipment and facilities, and a peaceful and calming atmosphere are important. If you can afford a luxury residential treatment center the benefits are well worth it, and you have a greater chance of successfully dealing with any substance abuse problems so that you do not relapse in the future.



Another consideration is the staffing level at the residential treatment center. Many centers have a small staff for a large number of individuals, leaving very little time for counseling with each client. Group sessions are used because of the economic situation, with few or no one on one sessions included in the program. This is not ideal for professionals, who may require extensive counseling individually to help deal with high levels of stress and frustration on a daily basis. Instead a low ratio of clients to staff is preferred with a residential treatment center for substance abuse, to ensure that you receive plenty of personalized attention and counseling.


If the price can be managed, a luxury residential treatment center is usually the best choice for successful professionals, regardless of which sector you may be in. Whether you are a business executive, a medical professional, or an attorney substance abuse can occur, and in fact these professions have higher than normal rates for this problem. One in six professionals will deal with substance abuse issues, and a luxury residential treatment center such as Valiant Recovery will allow you to receive intensive treatment in luxurious surroundings, and without sacrificing any of the personal services you are used to.