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The holiday season can cause extra stress if you are in recovery for alcohol abuse or addiction, especially if you want to stay sober without standing out. Many times the parties and festivities during the holidays contribute to a relapse for those who struggle with alcohol abuse and addiction. Mocktails can help you get through the holidays without falling off the wagon, and no one else needs to know that you are consuming a mocktail instead of a cocktail unless you tell them. Many well meaning hosts try to push food and drink on guests, and this can make staying sober during the holidays a real challenge at times. When you have a mocktail this is not a problem, and you fit in with all of the other guests. This allows you to stay sober without standing out at the party.

Mocktails can be a very delicious alternative to holiday drinks, and you will stay sober without standing out or being branded as different from the other guests in attendance. Any cocktail can be turned into a great mocktail by simply eliminating the alcohol that is included. There are many recipes on the Internet for fabulous beverages that are squeaky clean where alcohol is concerned, and guests at a holiday gathering may choose the non alcoholic version based on taste alone. Make sure to talk with the host before the event if you are not the one holding the holiday celebration, to make sure the host knows you will not be drinking alcohol and that there will be drink options available for you.