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The incident was referred to by the police logs as a one car accident at 5 in the morning, and the star was driving his brand new 2012 Bentley, and Jones was not arrested but was given an appearance ticker for the charge and then released into the custody of a family member. Up until this point Jon Jones has stayed completely clean as far as his image is concerned. According to the public profile of the fighter he is a devout Christian, and it is doubtful that this scandal will cost Jones his career.DWI, Jon Jones

A DWI charge brings up the possibility of an alcohol addiction or other types of substance abuse. While it is doubtful that this was anything more than a setback for the UFC fighter, as one of the biggest stars of pay per view he can not afford too many scandals or the appearance of a substance abuse problem. The police in the DWI case refused to comment on whether or not there was anyone else in the car or whether it is standard to issue an appearance ticket instead of arresting the driver who is impaired or intoxicate. It is assumed that Jones was drinking alcohol but this fact has not been released by the police yet.