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Some addictions are physical in nature, and these are typically caused by drugs, alcohol, or other substances. Addictions can also be psychological in nature and these may be caused by substances or certain types of activities. Gambling, sex, shopping, and other activities may excite the pleasure center of the brain in the same way that many drugs do. You may get a sense of pleasure or well being when you engage in this activity, and this is the same “high” that substance abusers seek with drugs and alcohol.physical addiction, psychological addiction

Physical addiction occurs when your body becomes accustomed to functioning with a specific drug, and when the substance is stopped you can develop physical symptoms. These can include chills, fever, body and joint pain, aches, oversensitivity of your skin, insomnia, and many other signs that there is a physical issue involved. A psychological addiction may cause you to experience anxiety, depression, and other signs of mental distress when the activity or drug is stopped. If you have a substance abuse problem and you develop physical symptoms then a period of detox before treatment should be included. This allows your body to overcome the need for the substance so you are clean before you start the treatment part of the program.