Is There a Lack of Addiction Help and Substance Abuse Treatment Options?

addiction help, substance abuse treatment

Many people believe that there is a lack of addiction help and a shortage of substance abuse treatment options, while others claim that every major city in North America has a number of rehabs available. Often the problem is not a lack of facilities, it is a lack of treatment methods and a lack of sufficient funding. Many insurance policies cover rehab in some form, but this is usually only offered on an outpatient basis or in a facility that is overcrowded and understaffed. The treatment offered in this scenario is typically group sessions, but there is no individual counseling to help the individual work through their own specific problems. Each person uses drugs or alcohol for different reasons, and these must be uncovered and addressed before the invisible wounds carried around can finally start to heal.

If you need addiction help it is important to examine all of your substance abuse treatment options. Some of the most effective programs are often those which are faith based, and these may be considered luxury rehabs as well. These programs have the financial resources available to offer much more than just the most basic substance abuse treatment. Some have individual counseling sessions several times a week, equine therapy may be offered to rebuild trust, and physical fitness is typically a top priority. You should also look for programs which offer anger management, stress management, and even nutritional counseling. The more options a substance abuse treatment program has the more likely you will be to succeed and gain a permanent recovery.

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