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ideal rehab environment, substance abuse treatment setting

Whether you are looking for substance abuse treatment in Canada, the USA, or another location one of the most important factors to consider is the environment and setting for any specific program or facility. One reason why a luxury or upscale rehab typically offers better results is that the setting is peaceful and involves fewer stresses. This is due to the smaller number of patients who are receiving treatment at any given time and the higher number of staff available to provide individual attention. A typical rehab is usually not conducive to healing and recovery, and this is one of the biggest reasons why treatment is not completely effective in these situations. When the treatment environment is crowded, noisy, or less than ideal in other ways the individual can not effectively work through the causative factors that result in substance abuse.


The cost of a luxury rehab can be due to increased amenities like better food, a higher level of quality furnishings and residential choices, or because more expensive treatment options are offered that bump up the expense involved in the treatment process. Some celebrities may view rehab as a place to get away and be pampered but if substance abuse treatment is required then the treatment methods used and the therapy options available should be more important than the final cost. Look for programs like Valiant Recovery, which offers individual therapy several times a week as well as other methods. This type of facility and program will provide the best possible results and the highest chance for a permanent recovery.