How Can You Tell If You Are Addicted To Shopping?

shopping addiction, shopping compulsion

A shopping addiction is a very serious problem. Many may believe that this is simply a lack of control or a typical feminine behavior but that is not the case. The similarities between drug and alcohol addiction and being a shopping addict are numerous. Often these individuals hide their behavior, whether this is done by hiding a bottle under the bed or shoving new clothing and shoes to the back of the closet. The goal is to keep anyone else from finding out about the behaviors. The individual will spend more than they should, and they frequently go over their budget when they reach the checkout counter. They often make compulsive purchases and buy products that they do not actually need but that they may want instead. Even though you may know that you do not have the financial resources to spend you may go shopping anyway.


An addiction to shopping is similar to one for drugs or alcohol in many other ways as well. Relationships are often impaired due to budgetary stress because of overspending, and there may be a considerable amount of friction in the marriage or between romantic couples. Bills may be paid late or not get paid at all, even though your income is sufficient to cover the necessary expenses as long as you do not go out and spend. You may have many pairs of shoes or outfits but you may feel the need to buy more. Shopaholics as these individuals are called may buy items that they already own, or buy multiples in different colors or styles. This type of addiction is very serious and treatment is needed in order to resolve the problem and get your life back on track.

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