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heroin addiction, drug abuse

Heroin addiction is a form of drug abuse that is becoming an epidemic across Canada and the USA, and this form of substance abuse can have deadly consequences. There are plenty of warnings and information available about the dangers of heroin and the highly addictive nature of this substance, so why do people continue to try this drug? Many people do not understand the appeal of this drug, or how it can be so addictive that even trying heron once can cause an individual to become hooked. Many people do not start out with heroin abuse, often these individuals start off using narcotic prescription pain medication. At some point the physician may start to wean the individual off of the drug, causing the user to look for a replacement.

There is a large illegal demand and black market for narcotic prescription pain medications, and these drugs can be costly on the street. In these situations heroin addiction usually happens because heroin may be much less expensive while providing many of the same opiate effects. No one starts out with the idea that they will engage in drug abuse and end up with a heroin addiction. Many teens and young adults start using this drug and believe that they will not get addicted, and then they end up hitting rock bottom before they know it. Heroin is a drug that is very addictive, destroying the user and devastating everyone who cares about them. Blame and anger are not what the person with a heroin addiction needs, instead they need compassion and effective treatment to eliminate their addiction and get their life back together again